Tips For Safely Handling Lab Glassware

November, 13, 2013

Glass is a versatile material that can be used for making a wide range of objects such as decorative pieces, windows, kitchen ware and laboratory ware. Talking specifically about Lab Glassware, it is extensively used in scientific laboratories due to its durability and robustness. Laboratory Glassware is different from other types of glassware used for the purpose of cooking or serving food. It is specially designed to store chemicals and highly reactive agents. In spite of being robustly designed, Lab Glassware is as sensitive as the other glass objects are. Following are few tips that can be helpful for safely handling Lab Glassware:

Keep in mind the above-mentioned tips so as to ensure that the Laboratory Glassware lasts long. Besides, be careful enough to buy the glassware from reliable sources in the first place.

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Types Of Lab Glassware

December, 17, 2013

Laboratory is a well-equipped facility wherein extremely significant experiments, technological or scientific studies and measurements are performed. Evidently, the paraphernalia used in a laboratory has to be no less than seamless. And that’s the very main reason why most of the laboratory apparatus is generally made of glass. Laboratory Glassware or Lab Glassware can withstand the temperature very well, remains inert to most of the chemicals and is easy to wash and sterilize.

Types Of Laboratory Glassware:


Beakers are cylindrically-shaped glass vessels typically meant for liquids. They are used while carrying out chemical reactions, during measuring liquids as well as while heating the liquid over the Bunsen Burner Flame. Hence, Beakers are multi-purpose.

Test Tube

It is a slim glass vessel with a rounded bottom. It is used for holding small amounts of chemicals that are further required for chemical reactions. Due to its slim body, the spread of vapors if produced during the reaction can be minimized.

Graduated Cylinders

They are slim cylinders used to calibrate beakers or to measure the volume of any liquid. They come in different sizes like 10 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml. Measurement is taken by analyzing the lowest point of the convex dip that the liquid makes in the cylinder.

Evaporating Dish

It is a glazed porcelain vessel that is used to heat and then evaporate liquids. It is shallow and has a lip to pour the liquid.


It is used to transfer small quantities of liquid. It is best suited for activities wherein accurate amount of liquid is to be used.

Boiling Flask

Also known as Florence Flask, a boiling flask is a spherical flask with a thin neck. The spherical body enables even distribution of heat while boiling the liquids and the thin neck allows clamping the flask at an appropriate height while heating the liquid within the flask.

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All Types of Laboratory Glassware

January, 22, 2014

Glassware is of vital importance in any laboratory and different types of glassware is used for different purposes. Laboratory glassware is specially designed to tackle the toughest demands of functioning in research, industrial, medical and scientific labs. It encompasses a whole range of glassware including beakers, test tubes, flasks, watch glass, funnels, Graduated Cylinders etc. Some of them are used as containers while others are used as volumetric glassware. They are described here under:

Types of Laboratory Glassware

You can purchase superior quality Laboratory Glassware from Pioneer Scientific Instrument Corporation (PISCO). As a reputed Scientific Laboratory Glassware Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter, it offers a range of superior quality products. Some of its offerings include Sintered Glass Buchner Funnel, Sintered Laboratory Glassware, Vacuum Pin Tube, Sintered Filter Disc, etc. For more details, log on to www.piscolabglass.com.

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Laboratory Glassware: Types Uses

February, 12, 2014

Laboratory Glassware refers to the different equipment made of glass used in laboratory experiments related to the field of Chemistry or Biology. Manufactured from special kind of glass, Lab Glassware is available in varied sizes and shapes for use in different experiments. Laboratory Glassware has the ability to withstand different level of temperatures and pressures. The transparency of the apparatus helps the researchers and students to conduct experiments easily. Customized manufacturing of the glassware can also be done depending on the kind of experiments to be performed. Different Apparatuses are used in the Laboratory depending on their usage:

Lab Glassware is used for conducting scientific experiments of different kinds. The kind of glass used in manufacturing lab glassware is of special quality and ensures durability. They are capable of holding solutions of different temperatures. It is important to ensure that the glassware is stored at a clean place as dirt or germs have the potential to interfere with the experiment results.

Pioneer Scientific Instrument Corporation (PISCO) is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Laboratory Glassware of superior quality. The company offers a wide range of Lab Glassware like Vacuum Pin Tube, Sintered Glass Buchner Funnel, Glass Capillary Viscometer and Sintered Disc. The company promises to deliver timely and has a strong client base which includes Universities, Medical Colleges, Steel Plants and Pharmaceutical Industries. To know more, log on to http://www.piscolabglass.com/

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The heart of a Lab is manufactured by Lab Glassware Manufacturer

July, 23, 2014

With research and development, inventions and innovations, becoming an important component of every industry today, the need for laboratories and equipment has become manifold. The lab glassware manufacturer is much more in demand than ever. Across the world, these manufacturers have been making their best efforts to fulfill the rising demands of the high quality glassware in labs.

The different kind of glassware available in market includes Membrane Filter Assembly, Sintered Glass Buchner Funnel, Sintered Laboratory Glassware, Viscometer Tubes, Vacuum Pin Tubes etc. These are made for specific purpose. These are all made with high-grade glassware, which is resistant to heat, thermal shocks and chemicals.

Glass is the material that can be melted and given a specific shape as per the need of the person. It is used to make several different products available in market. Glass is used to make mirrors, containers, jars, apparatus etc.

In today’s world, Lab Glassware are specially designed to meet the demand of industry labs and tackle the experiments that need to be performed in research, industrial, medical and scientific lab. The lab glassware comprises of beakers, test tubes, flasks, watch glass, funnels, Graduated Cylinders etc. Among them, few are used as containers while others are used as volumetric glassware.

Types of Lab Glassware and their Use

The glassware is the heart of any lab and without good labs, technological progress is not possible. Hence its very important to choose your glassware from the right kind of manufacturer. It’s a good idea to explore the market before choosing a supplier for your products. You must ensure that you buy from manufacturers who adhere to international standards and deliver the best possible price.

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Laboratory glassware for scientific experiments at reliable rates

February, 23, 2015

Laboratory glassware implies a variety of equipment made of glass traditionally and is used in scientific experiments in biology and chemistry laboratories. Owing to the fact that glass is inert, heat-resistant and transparent, it has special applications in laboratories. The type of glass that is most extensively used in labs is borosilicate glass, which is commonly employed in reagent bottles for they can easily withstand quartz glass, thermal stress that is quite common in cuvettes and may also bear high temperature. Darkened brown glass can block infrared rays and Ultra Violet rays from the sun. Heavy wall glassware can be used to carry out pressurised applications. Lab glassware supplier manufactures high quality glassware for variety of lab applications.

What are the different kinds of laboratory glassware products manufactured?
Suppliers of lab glassware make beakers that are used for holding samples and reagents. Flasks, bottles, jars, funnels, condensers, glass tubes, stirring rods, sintered laboratory glassware are also manufactured. Laboratory glassware is mass-produced and there is also the use of a glass blower to frame specialised sizes. This particular system of framing glasses requires precise control of shapes and dimension. Scientific glassblowing involves fusion of various parts of glass such as tubing, glass joints, and transition pieces.

What are the features of glassware?
Laboratory glassware, when in use, is held in place with the help of clamps that are made for that purpose. Glassware features stoppers that are used for sealing them. They can be made from glass or cork or rubber. Glassware is coated often to reduce breakage. With ground glass connectors leak-tight, apparatus can be fit. Glassware valves are used for redirecting flows through pipes. Two different types of valves used for making lab glassware are stopcock valve and threaded plug valve. Stopcock valve fits well in the female glass joint with rotor and plug.

How to buy laboratory glassware?
Laboratory glassware is an indispensable part of scientific laboratories where high quality glassware is required. You must buy borosilicate glass that has a low coefficient for expansion and low resistance for heat. Having a very high resistance for chemical attack, the items must meet Class A or Class B tolerance. In this respect, lab glassware supplier designs glassware for ease of use, and makes it available at moderate prices. You can hop through the online website and can submit your complains and requests. You can also buy special type of aqua regia and precipitate that is meant for special lab application.

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Versatile Uses of Laboratory Glass Apparatus

April, 08, 2015

The use of Glass Apparatuses has been extensive in laboratories, where different types of chemicals require to be handled. Even after the introduction of plastic equipment, which are much cheaper and less breakable, Laboratory Glass Apparatuses continue to be on top of the preference lists because of their superior properties. They offer resistance to heat, have better transparency and can be easily customized. Such features make them suitable for performing multiple functions in laboratories, some of which have been discussed hereunder…

Laboratory Glassware are very versatile in terms of their uses. However, not all apparatuses are suitable for all the processes. You must consult your Lab Glassware Supplier about the appropriateness of each equipment for different applications and also gain knowledge about their other significant features

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