Using A Buchner Funnel

March, 11, 2014

Made of porcelain, glass or plastic, Buchner Funnel is a type of laboratory equipment used in filtration. In a Buchner Filter, a moist filter paper is placed on the top of the funnel that lets the liquid pass from one container to another. Although similar to Hirsch Funnel in its design, Buchner Funnel is rather used to hold a large volume of chemical. In this equipment, a vacuum pump is attached to the hole of the Buchner Funnel and that pump absorbs the liquid through the filter paper. This leaves the filtered, solid material behind.

Uses Of Buchner Funnel:

The major role of Buchner Funnel is to filter out unwanted impurities or waste from liquid. The vacuum pump attached to the funnel absorbs maximum liquid leaving behind impure solid material.

Things To Keep In Mind When Using A Buchner Funnel

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