What are the advantages of using the Membrane filter assembly in various industries?

February, 10, 2015

The membrane filter technique is a substitute for the MPN technique and was introduced in the 1950s. The MPN is the procedure for analysing the water for any microbial presence. You can separate the bacterial colonies, when the MF technique is used. What made this better than MPN is that the latter could only tell you about the number of organisms present or the absence of them in the water. This very advantage made the Membrane Filter Assembly, to be accepted for testing any microbiological presence, absence and discretion in potable water. Furthermore, the membrane filter technique gathered a lot of audience because it allowed testing of a large amount of sample compared to any of the rival techniques. For presence of bacteria, 100 ml is the amount of water that is usually tested. The other techniques permit not more than 2 ml and at times, a few techniques let you to analyse only 0.5 ml. The system allows use of a filter funnel and a vacuum, and later the filter is replaced by a petri dish. This is a nutrient medium, which lets the organisms to grow and also helps in discretion of the bacterial colonies.

Uses of Membrane Filter Technique:

How to choose the apt company?
You should be able to find various types of filtration assemblies. The filtration assembly with the joints and rubber fittings are a few examples. Check for the various features offered, and the prices charged. You should see whether there are assemblies available to be used for your specific needs.

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