Sintered Filter Disc Suppliers: Making your filtration processes to get optimum and precise results

December, 31, 2014

Sintered Filter Disc Suppliers offer high quality sintered filtered discs that are widely used for lab work. They come in various dimensions and sizes. They are fabricated from high grade material and are accurate in their performance. They are available in varied thickness and different porosities. The product is highly reliable and precise in results. They operate under a pressure limit of 15PSI.

They are employed for:

They come in various porosities and sizes as below:

Porosity Grade Pore size approx. (In microns)
00 250+
0 150-250
1 90-150
2 40-90
3 15-40
4 5-15
5 2-5

Sintered filter discs are neutral and fabricated with resilient material. It undergoes a harsh sintering process for fabrication. Various porosities and sizes are employed for different processes of filtration. It can practically handle coarse to fine grain filtrations.

Features of Sintered Filter Disc:

These filtration discs are designed such that they can be effectively be employed for vacuum filtration, particularly which is employed with a gas flow at a lower pressure. Other processes of filtration handled by these discs are for precipitates of medium and fine grain.

These sintered filter discs are available with the leading suppliers who have superlative quality discs. Sintered Filter Disc Suppliers collaborate with the leading vendors who are known to maintain the quality of their products in every respect. The suppliers make these discs available to their clients at a nominal price. They are packed in a high quality material to keep them damage proof. They are handled sensitively and delivered to their clients, with zero defects. The delivery is done on time without any delays. They primarily aim to provide their services as per client’s utmost satisfaction. The product is quality tested thoroughly to make it defect free in every sense.

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