The Heart Of A Lab Is Manufactured By Lab Glassware Manufacturer

Posted by Admin on July, 23, 2014

With research and development, inventions and innovations, becoming an important component of every industry today, the need for laboratories and equipment has become manifold. The lab glassware manufacturer is much more in demand than ever. Across the world, these manufacturers have been making their best efforts to fulfill the rising demands of the high quality glassware in labs.

The different kind of glassware available in market includes Membrane Filter Assembly, Sintered Glass Buchner Funnel, Sintered Laboratory Glassware, Viscometer Tubes, Vacuum Pin Tubes etc. These are made for specific purpose. These are all made with high-grade glassware, which is resistant to heat, thermal shocks and chemicals.

Glass is the material that can be melted and given a specific shape as per the need of the person. It is used to make several different products available in market. Glass is used to make mirrors, containers, jars, apparatus etc.

In today’s world, Lab Glassware are specially designed to meet the demand of industry labs and tackle the experiments that need to be performed in research, industrial, medical and scientific lab. The lab glassware comprises of beakers, test tubes, flasks, watch glass, funnels, Graduated Cylinders etc. Among them, few are used as containers while others are used as volumetric glassware.

Types of Lab Glassware and their Use

  • Boiling Tube: These tubes are made up of Borosilicate glass and are comparatively bigger than other test-tube. It is used to boil the available sample. It is made up of best quality so that it may sustain for longer period while boiling.
  • Beaker: These are made up of Borosilicate glass. They are used to mix liquid and measure quantity and are big enough.
  • Condensers: This is an apparatus having tube within a tube and is used to cool the hot liquid or vapours
  • Flask: Flask is made up of Borosilicate Glass having a cork or stopper at apex. It is used to measure, mix or store liquids.
  • Funnel: This apparatus in conical is shape and varied in size. It is used to transfer liquid from one container to another.

The glassware is the heart of any lab and without good labs, technological progress is not possible. Hence its very important to choose your glassware from the right kind of manufacturer. It’s a good idea to explore the market before choosing a supplier for your products. You must ensure that you buy from manufacturers who adhere to international standards and deliver the best possible price.

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