Types Of Lab Glassware

Posted by Admin on December, 17, 2013

Laboratory is a well-equipped facility wherein extremely significant experiments, technological or scientific studies and measurements are performed. Evidently, the paraphernalia used in a laboratory has to be no less than seamless. And that’s the very main reason why most of the laboratory apparatus is generally made of glass. Laboratory Glassware or Lab Glassware can withstand the temperature very well, remains inert to most of the chemicals and is easy to wash and sterilize.

Types Of Laboratory Glassware:


Beakers are cylindrically-shaped glass vessels typically meant for liquids. They are used while carrying out chemical reactions, during measuring liquids as well as while heating the liquid over the Bunsen Burner Flame. Hence, Beakers are multi-purpose.

Test Tube

It is a slim glass vessel with a rounded bottom. It is used for holding small amounts of chemicals that are further required for chemical reactions. Due to its slim body, the spread of vapors if produced during the reaction can be minimized.

Graduated Cylinders

They are slim cylinders used to calibrate beakers or to measure the volume of any liquid. They come in different sizes like 10 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml. Measurement is taken by analyzing the lowest point of the convex dip that the liquid makes in the cylinder.

Evaporating Dish

It is a glazed porcelain vessel that is used to heat and then evaporate liquids. It is shallow and has a lip to pour the liquid.


It is used to transfer small quantities of liquid. It is best suited for activities wherein accurate amount of liquid is to be used.

Boiling Flask

Also known as Florence Flask, a boiling flask is a spherical flask with a thin neck. The spherical body enables even distribution of heat while boiling the liquids and the thin neck allows clamping the flask at an appropriate height while heating the liquid within the flask.

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