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Membrane Filtration Assembly with Joint

PIONEER SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT CORPORATION PISCO™ offers easy to use Membrane Filtration Assembly with Joint. This apparatus is widely used for Vacuum filtration of Tissue Culture media, components, biological fluids, HPLC and other aqueous solutions. The apparatus comprises of filter an integrally sealed fritted glass support bed (perfectly ground to match a funnel) for holding a 25 mm. / 47 mm. / 90 mm. diameter membrane. The design of Membrane Filtration Assembly with Joints enables better control over flow and reduces foaming. The assembly is also fitted with an interchangeable ground joint, receiver flask and one aluminum clamp for proper support.

Sizes Available

Funnel Capacity To Hold a Membrane of
35 / 50 ml. 25 mm.
300 / 500 ml. 47 mm.
1000 ml. 90 mm.


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